About Kumiko

Kumiko Shirai

Kumiko grew up in Kobe, Japan. At the age of fourteen years, she moved to Eugene, Oregon with her parents to study English. Influenced by her mother, Taiji master Machiko Shirai, she learned to appreciate Asian medical and martial arts from an early age. Kumiko has been practicing Aikido for almost twenty years. After graduating from high school, Kumiko attended Oregon State University (OSU) where she majored in Chinese Studies and graduated with a Bachelor in Science. She then continued her studies in Chinese philosophy and science by enrolling in the School of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, where she ultimately graduated with her Masters in Science of Oriental Medicine.

Having experienced both Eastern and Western cultures, Kumiko understands how the ancient medicine of East Asia benefits the people of the West. She is able to bridge cultures and approach each individual by teaching them about Eastern wisdom for the benefit of their physical and mental health.

Beside acupuncture, Kumiko is specialized in classical herbal medicine in which she received rigorous training by Dr. Arnaud Versluys in the Han-dynasty style of Chinese herbal prescriptions. She also continued her specialization by training with Dr. Nigel Dawes in Japanese abdominal diagnosis, also known as Fukushin. Kumiko also received focused instruction in gynecology and obstetrics by Dr. Xiaoli Chen.

Kumiko is currently in private medical practice in Portland, Oregon. She teaches Abdominal Diagnosis seminars both in the US and in Europe. Kumiko enjoys training Aikido, Taiji, gardening, and traveling especially to her home, Japan.